Where can I find the most up to date information on what's going on?

Follow us on social media. You can find us on Facebook at The Starline Collection or on Instagram at @StarlineCollection. Please note that on departure day, real-time updates are made on Facebook in case we need to post a link.

Is there a waitlist?

No. We do not have a waitlist.

Where will the bus pick me up?

A detailed location of the stop is located on your ticket or you can find stop information by clicking the 'Bus Stations' menu item.

How do I reschedule my ticket?

In some cases, you may reschedule your ticket at your convenience by clicking the 'Reschedule' menu item. Some scenarios where you'll have to email reservations@starlinecollection.com with your request are, but not limited to: Changing direction (i.e., if your ticket is from Pullman to Bellevue, you cannot change it to Bellevue to Pullman), rescheduling on the same day for a different time (i.e., if you have a departure ticket at 10:00 AM and would like to change it to 10:30 AM on the same day), or rescheduling less than 24 hours before your trip.

May I cancel my ticket for a refund?

You cannot cancel your own ticket. To cancel your ticket(s), email your ticket number(s) (begins with "tc-") along with a cancellation request to reservations@starlinecollection.com. As stated in our terms and conditions, tickets are non-refundable; however, cancelling a ticket with more than a 24 hour notice will have the funds placed in your account's e-wallet. The funds will not expire. For your next ticket purchase, log into your account at https://express.starlinecollection.com and book your reservation(s) as normal. At checkout, you'll have the option of using your e-wallet and have the ability to pay any remaining balance with a debit/credit card.

Are service animals allowed?

The animal must be able to lay at the passenger's feet. If the animal is too large and requires more floor space, a second seat must be purchased to allow more foot space. Animals may not sit on seats at any time or obstruct the isle. The animal must be well-behaved and under the control of the owner/handler at all times such as on a leash or in a carrier. We reserve the right to refuse travel to any animal which poses a direct threat to other passengers or our employees. Please keep in mind that these are straight through trips so the animal must be able to travel long distance/times without relieving itself or able to do so in a sanitary manner in the onboard restroom.

Are therapy and emotional support animals allowed?

Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and must be carried as a pet in an approved carrier which can fit on the passenger’s lap or at the passenger’s feet. If additional floor space is required, an extra seat must be purchased to provide enough floor space to accommodate the animal. Animals may not sit on seats at any time or obstruct the isle. We reserve the right to refuse travel to any animal which poses a direct threat to other passengers or our employees.

How much luggage is allowed?

You may bring one suitcase no more than 50 pounds, one carry-on bag that can fit under the seat, and one small bag such as a purse or laptop.

Do I have to wear personal protective equipment (PPE)

Masks are currently not required to travel at this time. If masks are mandated at the Federal or State level, then we will require that you wear them. We ask that you not travel while sick. Riding with the Starline Collection means you may be subject to a temperature reading, and if a fever is detected or if you are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, you will be denied entry on to the bus.

Is there a link to track the Vacation Express bus?

Our Vacation Express product provides a link via Facebook on day of travel to follow along with bus progress. The link shows all Vacation Express buses for that day so your passenger will need to relay to you what bus they have boarded. Bus numbers can be found outside the bus at the top of the door before the passenger enters. The tracking link is usually posted for the day roughly thirty mintues prior to all the buses starting their day (i.e., if the first bus picks up at 8:00 AM, the link for the day will be posted around 7:30 AM).

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